Gray Panthers on the prowl
Maggin Kuhn

Men and women approaching retirement age should be recycled for public service work, and their companies should foot the bill. We can no longer afford to scrap-pile people.
-- maggie kuhn, founder

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We are the risk-takers; we are the innovators; we are the developers of new models. We are trying the future on for size. That is our role."
-Maggie Kuhn, Founder


Work for social and economic justice and peace for all people.


Create a humane society that puts the needs of people over profits, responsibility over power, and democracy over institutions.


Honoring Maturity: The concept of aging takes into account an individuals growth during their entire life span, from birth to death in personal development, social involvement, and self fulfillment.

Unifying the Generations: Recognition that generations are formed by different histories and cultures, but a common respect holds them together.

Active Engagement: Civic participation and responsibility are fundamental to achieving goals of social and economic justice.

Participatory Democracy: The Gray Panthers belongs to its members. The members define the organization's values, purpose, and the issues in which we place collective energy.

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