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Maggin Kuhn

Few people know how to be old.
-- maggie kuhn, founder

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The national nightmare of money in politics just got worse.
Gray Panthers is outraged by the Supreme Court decision to allow monetary influence in politics!, In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme ruled in the McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission to give wealthy individuals the power to buy elected officials by removing meaningful restraints on direct giving to candidates. This ruling permits individuals to spend up to $5.9 million per election cycle to political candidates and parties. Until then, the limit was $123,000. This ruling reversed several decades of legal precedence used to protect the American political system from monetary influence.

It's time to raise the minimum wage!
The Minimum Wage Fairness Act (S. 1737) is bill that would raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25/hour to $10.10/hour. This bill would also raise the minimum wage for tipped workers and would provide for a cost of living adjustment for future minimum wages. Increasing the minimum wage is good for workers, women, their families, and the economy. All workers deserve just wages and economic security. It is time for legislators to put an end to poverty wages and address income inequality that plagues our nation's workers. 

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The Equal Rights Amendment Lives!

Did you think the ERA had been defeated? Or that it had been passed decades ago? In fact, neither is true. A broad alliance of organizations is working to complete the ratification of this essential step toward gender equality. It’s time to put it back on your radar screen!

For more about why we need the ERA, how we plan to get it, and what you can do, click here.

Support the Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street!
Gray Panthers is supporting fighting back against Wall Street and standing up for the 99% and has signed on as a sponsor of the Robin Hood Tax Campaign. We believe that banks, hedge funds and the rest of the financial sector should pay their fair share to clear up the mess they helped create. While our country continues to struggle to recover economically, the Robin Hood Tax serves as a fair and simple solution to help America get back on its feet. Support the Robin Hood Tax Campaign by telling your U.S. leaders you want a Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street!

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Gray Panthers is about ACTION!
We are continuously working on many progressive issues that are important to you - our members and the social justice movement. In order to have the growl of the Gray Panthers heard loud and clear, we use our Gray Panthers Action Center to quickly and efficiently contact our legislators on important issues that demand our voice, power, and action. We strongly encourage you to join the our Action Center to stay updated with all the current issues that we are working on and learn how to take action and have your voice heard!
Be Responsible!
We all live in this world and there is so much to do to take care of it. Gray Panthers has a vision for the world. We envision a world that puts the needs of people over profits, one that embraces peace and respect for all people, one in which the government acts as a force for good, and one where people feel responsible not only for themselves but for the greater good of all. Gray Panthers know that our vision will not come about unless we work together and fight for it.

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Help the Gray Panthers Fight Truth Decay!
Our founder, Maggie Kuhn, said we need to be "watchdogs" that bark when danger is near. Gray Panther watchdogs are needed to challenge the many lies that are constantly perpetuated about Social Security & Medicare by opponents who want to dismantle these vital programs. But in order to Fight Truth Decay, you must first arm yourself with the facts.
>>Know the Facts about Social Security
>>Know the Facts About Medicare

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>>The national nightmare of money in politics just got worse.
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gray panthers are
Age and Youth in Action. We are an intergenerational, multi-issue organization working to create a society that puts the needs of people over profit, responsibility over power and democracy over institutions.


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gray panthers & the united nations

At the UN, we advocate for social justice and peace throughout the world and work to eliminate ageism, racism, and sexism. Gray Panthers represents "Civil Society" --the real people. In 1981, Gray Panthers gained official nongovernmental organization (NGO) status at the United Nations and has been active ever since.
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Outrageous Fact Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream. (Source: Associated Press)

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